Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment Chemicals

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Water Treatment Chemicals

CORROGANON INDIA PVT. LTD. are well-known supplier of water treatment chemicals that are used for treatment and purification of water. These are highly demanded for their cleansing properties and food grade which is safe for consumption. The water treatment chemicals offered are highly appreciated by customers and we provide the chemicals on standard configuration.

Types of treatment chemicals:

1. Algaecides 6. Disinfectants
2. Antifoams 7. Neutralizing agents
3. Biocides 8. pH conditioners
4. Boiler water chemicals 9. Resin cleaners
5. Corrosion inhibitors 10. Scale inhibitors

Key Features:

  • Compatible with most membranes
  • Controls scaling, corrosion and microbial fouling
  • Better combustion performance
  • Eco friendly in nature
  • Lower dosage rates
  • Reduced Cleaning frequency
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Ease of operation